Community Information



Corvallis, the “heart of the valley”, is the home of Oregon State University and has a population of approximately 55,000 people.


What my clients love about Corvallis:

-Vibrant college town

-Slow growth

-Cohesive neighborhoods / zoning

-Excellent schools


Philomath, which stands for “love of learning”, is the former home of the Philomath College with roots in the timber industry and a population of approximately 5,000 people.

What my clients love about Philomath:

-Quiet smaller town

-Slow growth

-Very close to Corvallis

-Excellent schools


Albany, a community of comparable size to Corvallis but without the university, is just 10-15 minutes Northeast.  Albany has roots in agriculture and manufacturing, and resides mostly in Linn County, the grass seed capital of the world.

What my clients love about Albany:

-Lower home prices than surrounding communities

-More new construction

-Charming historic neighborhoods

-Recently revitalized downtown

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