Where I Want You Searching for Homes


In the olden days of real estate, clients didn’t have the ability to be proactive in their search for their next home.  Fortunately, we now have the internet!  With it comes a lot of information, but only some of the information you’ll find online is accurate.

To use your time well, please go directly to the source of listing information when searching online for properties: our local “MLS”, or Multiple Listing Service.  Ours is called the WVMLS, for the Willamette Valley Multiple Listing Service.  Their website will soon be re-integrated into mine, but is also free-standing at www.wvmls.com

It would be my pleasure to take a moment and show you how easy this site is to use, or even set you up with a market watch search that will automatically update you with information about homes you’d be interested in. 

Why I Don’t Want You Using Third-Party Sites:

All of the other sites you’ve likely heard of, like Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, and even Realtor.com and ReMax.com pull their information from the local MLS.  The problem is that mistakes are made in the process, and that the information takes time to be updated on these third-party sites, especially the first few I listed. 

Often someone will call me to inquire about a home that is already under contract with another buyer, because they are on a site other than WVMLS, where the information has yet to be updated.  In real estate, “Time is of the Essence”, and I don’t want you lagging behind!

Client Connect Login:

Have I already set you up with a market watch search enabled with a Client Connect back-end website?  Click below to login:

When we’re working together, my automated search will eliminate the need for you to search online.  Meanwhile, enjoy the local MLS, and simply come to me with any questions you have about the listings you see.